Stress And Our Feathered Friends

Stress is something that no parrot owner wants to put their bird under, but because of our busy life styles, work situations, and limited time with our feathered friend there are times that stress cannot be avoided. If you are some how causing stress, the 1st sign might be your bird retreating to the safest place in his cage, or worse, feather plucking. You need to act quickly if feather plucking has started so that the plucking does not become habitual.

Birds feel our stress if our voices are raised,  if we are under pressure and rushing around and are very busy, our birds will know something is up. We need to be very careful around our birds.

Look at these areas and see if you answer yes to any of the points I mention;

  1. Is there fighting, or arguing going on in your home.
  2. Is your house noisy– frantic– unpredictable.
  3. Are there small children or teenagers in your home, are they calm?
  4. Is your home a work place with lots of coming and going.
  5. Are there unpredictable animals in your home.
  6. Is your tv or radio being played at volume 10 .
  7. Have elderly parents moved in with you.
  8. Has a beloved best friend died leaving a heart broken bird?

These feathered friends of ours are fragile we need to remember that. We take them out of their natural enviroment, put them in a cage and then expect them to be happy all the time — it is not going to happen –There will be times when they look at us “stressing-to-the-max” and start showing signs of stress of their own.

Try and keep calm around your bird, keep to the routine your bird knows. Give him his time with his favourite person and out of the cage time. Try and keep your bird on an even keel, even if your life is going crazy!

Educate the people in your home on feather plucking, self mutilation, and your birds inability to eat correctly if there is stress.

We all want happy-content-healthy, feathered friends and we need to look at ourselves to see if we are causing the stress the bird may be feeling. If we have to change attitudes, environments, or behaviors then surely it is good for us AND our birds.

Let us look at ourselves this week and see if our birds are being kept in a fuss-free happy environment. As I have said before — let’s be honest!

4 things a parrot needs….

  1. A calm secure quiet environment
  2. Consistent loving attention
  3. Good food, good toys, good out time
  4. A happy life with heaps of love.

Till next time, you and your feathered friend have a good week. Dont hesitate to make contact with me if you have a problem.
Warm regards


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