Goodness what a few days we have had in my house.. One of the birds wasn’t eating, then on Sunday started vomiting and landed up at the vet.. In one of my up coming newsletters I discuss the importance of a sick cage and a first aid box. Read this one carefully, and  make sure you are ready for any situation.
I needed both these things this week and was pleased that I was prepared.

Please parrot owners, if you are boarding a parrot with me, asking for my advice or have to speak to a vet– be honest !
it is so important that the person being consulted has all the facts.. Good or bad.. You might find you are not as bad as you thought.
To this end I have amended my boarding forms, in the hopes that the questions are easier to answer and will be clearer for me, or if need be for a vet.

My feathered friend had a rough few days, and is not out of the woods yet, but my vet and I are doing everything in our power to put things right as quickly as we can.

I want to remind you of 3 things that we have discussed before but are worth going over again.

1. It is a good idea to keep your bird on a cereal, so that you can hide medicine in it if you have to.

2. Always keep fresh clean water in your birds cage — change it regularly.

3. Keeping good clean hygienic living conditions is also very important.. Dishes daily or twice daily if    necessary.and at least once a week for cages and toys.

I hope that you all have a good week, keep those feathered friends of yours happy and healthy.
Until next time, take care

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