Summer heat and your bird

Isn’t it nice to know that we are heading in to summer again.

We should remember the heat that we so enjoy is not so good for our feathered friends. If you are keeping an eye on your bird and notice that he is panting, or standing with his wings open or lying on the cage floor then your parrot needs cooling down quickly, very quickly.

Always have cool water in his cage for him to drink and change it at lunch time to keep it fresh and cool. Keep a mist bottle by your bird so that you can mist him regularly. Remember to have any good effect he needs to be soaked to the skin. If you are bathing your bird under the shower in the garden you can do it about 10.00 now, not in the very hottest part of the day. If your bird is kept outside he must have somewhere to retreat to, when he gets hot.

A fun way to keep him cool is to let him play with ice cubes.. I do this in the heat of the summer. I think you can safely take the extra blanket off his cage now if he is sleeping indoors. Make sure that the cover is still dark enough for him to get a good nights sleep.

Be sensible about the heat. October and November brfore the rains come can be stifling hot, we need fans to keep us cool, so let your feathered friend enjoy the fan as wel. Just dont point it directly at him..

Doors and windows will be left open now so remember to keep your bird safe. If he should escape out an open window it will be certain death if he is not rescued and you will experience long hours of heartache..

Summer time is swimming pool time, dont leave your bird where he can fly into the pool and drown and don’t leave the cage, if he is in it, where it can be knocked into the pool by accident.

Here’s hoping that you have a good day — until next time — cheerio for now

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