Parrot juice..

A juicer is a lovely thing to have if you have parrots living in your home… You can juice all their fruit and veg and spoil them with healthy juice as a treat..
you can juice anything..

carrots… beets… apples… melons… oranges…  nartjies… strawberries… grapes… gooseberries… mangoes… baby marrows… beans…

Remember that some birds don’t really like citrus, so see what fruit and veg he goes for in his 4 o clock forrage..

Juice the things he likes, and maybe sneak in 1 that he is not so keen on, and then offer it to your feathered friend..

Dont leave it in the cage, it spoils quickly.. rather offer it from a cup or spoon and keep it in the fridge..

Parrots eggs..

Eggs are rich in protein vitamins and minerals and shells are full of calcium.. So scrambling eggs and shells is good for bird..Add diced vegetables if you want too. Brightly coloured vegetables are always appealing to birds..

Remember.. it is easy to freeze this in ice trays so that you only take out what you want and need..

Parrots also like smashed hard boiled eggs and pasta, so offer this from to time as well..

Parrots flap jacks..

Make up a flap jack mixture and add eggs, veges, fruit, or pellets..

Cook them as you would ordinary flap jacks, allow them to cool, and then offer them to your bird..

I try and cook for my birds and the birds in my care every 2 weeks, this keeps feeding time interesting and fun !

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