Nervous Bird Disease

Nervous bird disease is any disease that affects the birds nervous system. This can be very scary for parrot owners and is generally easily treatable..


1. Your bird may lose his balance
2. Your bird may have seizures
3. Your bird may hold his head tilted to one side
4. Your bird may go round and round in circles
5. Your bird may make short jerky movements


1. Vitamin deficiencies
2. Heavy metal poisoning
3. Pesticides sprayed in the home or in the garden
4. Infections… viral, fungal or bacterial
5. Trauma to the head


1. Bloods must be taken to see if there is an infection
2. X rays must be taken if there is a possibility of head injury
3. Change the diet so the bird is getting exactly what he needs
4. Keep the bird warm, quiet, and in a dark environment
5. Lots of tender loving care
6. Follow the treatment that the vet gives

Always see the vet first for tests and then start by carefully going through his diet to make sure that he is getting the things he needs… fruit, vegetables, cereal, nuts, seeds, and sprouts.
If pesticides have been sprayed move the bird as far away as you can, even taking it to a friends home till the danger is over, best not to spray anything near to your bird.Heavy metal poisoning can come from a recently fixed bird cage, be careful with welding and painting.
Infections can be cured with antibiotics, always follow the vets treatment and finish the course.
Head injuries come with their own problems, find out if it will heal with time and patience and special nursing..
If it cant and the bird is severely injured think about doing the kindest thing and putting the bird to sleep.. This is a last resort !

Remember the all important tender loving care, warmth, love, quiet, darkened area, good food, clean drinking water..
Put a pillow in the bottom of the cage if need be, and lower the perches and food dishes..

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