Gout – Parrots can suffer from gout just like us…

Gout affecting the joints..

If you look carefully at the joints especially around the foot and the ankle you will see small white swellings. The causes are not fully understood, but appear to be linked to a diet too rich in protein, and kidneys that cannot process waste properly..This may be due to
1. infection
2. vitamin deficiency
3. too high a vitamin d intake
4. cancer

The condition is very painful,but may reduce with specialized treatment..

If you are treating a bird with gout of the joints remember
1. lower the perches
2. lower the food dishes
3. put a pillow at the bottom of the cage
4. keep the bird warm
5. keep the bird well fed
6. love them lots
7. handle them very very gently so not to hurt them..

Having said this, many birds are put to sleep, because it is so painfull, and treatment might not work.

Gout affecting the heart, the intestines and kidneys…

With this gout the bird usually dies within 12 hours,ALWAYS ask for a postmortem.
If done a white sheath will be found around the heart, the intestines and the kidneys.

1. It may be induced by an infection
2. immune damage
3. Vit d toxicity
4. Too rich a diet in protein
5. cancer

The onset of this gout is very quick and most birds do not make it to the vet in time..

Things to watch….
1. Make sure the diet is not to high in protein
2. Make sure vitamin d levels are not too high
3. Be aware of gout, you dont have to watch your bird 24 7, just keep a watch for

a. change in mood
b. activity levels
c. dropping that has changed
d. general depression

If you get to a vet and treatment is found to be working remember TENDER LOVING CARE !
Do everything the vet has told you to do and make your bird as comfortable as possible….

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