I thought it might be fun if we did a pop quiz, I will give you the questions today and the answers in a couple of day. All the answers are in my blogs except 1, that one I thought you could do a little searching for……

Here goes.

1.  What 5 things must we feed our birds ?
2.  What 5 things should we not feed our birds ?
3.  What size cage is good for your bird ?
4.  Is your birds beak hollow ?
5.  Which perches are good for your parrots feet ?
6.  What does the ideal parrot cage look like ?
7.  How often should your birds cage be cleaned ?
8.  Which flowers are good to feed your bird ?
9.  Is sunshine good for your bird ?
10. If a parrot eats lettuce what will happen to your birds droppings ?
11. How do our parrots get vitamins ?How toys should we hang in our birds cage ?
12. Trust is a big thing to work on, how long does it take to achieve ?
13. How often should we bath our birds ?
14. Now that we are approaching winter, when should we bath our birds ?
15. Whose phone number should be by the phone ?

Write your answers down, and wait for the answers in a few days, happy searching, some of the blogs are really good to read more than once.

I will speak to you soon.

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