Feather Plucking…

Hi again, parrot lovers, just this week I have dealt with another owner of a feather plucking parrot. This is horrible for you to look at, and horrible for your parrot to experience. It is a problem we could all face if we are not careful. What I would like you to remember that it is easier to avert this problem than deal with it. Dealing with it could take months of trial and error sprays,heartbreaking moments with your bird, frustration, tonnes of patience and lots of bites !

If there is an up coming event that is going to change your parrots routine,invade your parrots space, or take the attention away from your parrot then please come and see me,so we can do our best to avert the problem. I am talking about people moving in with you on a permanent basis, people arriving to spend a long holiday with you, children arriving back having left for a long period of time, a new pet arriving , perhaps a new bird arriving!

Remember also that the death of a close member of the family could trigger feather plucking, as can the death of another pet in the family, you spending a long time in hospital, or you going on an extended holiday.

Because I look after birds whose owners are going away on holiday, I have to remember not to neglect my bird. No matter what I do for someone elses birds, my birds routine can not be changed, he must know that he has a special place in my heart and that spending quality time with him, is still important to me.

I make up a ‘muti’ for feather plucking birds, but am really struggling to find 20ml spray bottles, if you can help in this area or know where I can go I would be so grateful. Any spray should be used as soon as you see that your bird is plucking, please don’t leave it till your bird is bare. There are sprays on the market and you should try them, but more than that getting back to the basic care of your parrot and LOTS of tender loving care will do wonders!

One feather plucked is reason to find your nearest parrot behaviour consultant!!

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