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I have included 2 photographs for you in this blog the first is of my birds enjoying a bath in the sun.. If you live in southern Africa, you will have noticed that the temperature has started dipping as we get closer to winter —

Parrots bathing

Bath Time

You need to be bathing your birds later in the morning now, so that you get the best of the hot sunshine. Watch the wind as this can be quit cold and your birds won’t be terribly happy if they are drying with a chill wind.

Remember that your birds need to be completely dry before you bring them back in side the house.Let them preen in the sunshine, remember the sunshine is good for them, they will synthesize the calcium that they get in their diets like this.

The other photo is of my daughter  holding Sam, my husbands African Grey. In three short months she has earned the trust of Sam, and Sam is now happy to go to her whenever she asks him to. Remember now, this is the bird that I have to carry around on a stick!!

Fiona and Sam the parrot

Fiona and Sam

After my daughter looked after the birds while we went away for the weekend,  my husband and I returned to find that she had trained my conure to climb into his cage on the command ‘bedtime’.

I tried the 1st night back and needed to call her for back up. Now he does it for me when I ask him to. My youngest son even tried it this weekend, and Sprog did it for him too.

This is why,  my whole family are involved when we board your birds for you,it is great having a family that can help out and I am very proud of them all..

You have a great day, and enjoy the photos and remember that I am here if you need me..

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