Easter Break News…

The Easter break is almost upon us, and there are some things that we must remember.. If you are going away for a well earned break and you are leaving your bird in the care of someone else, please remember to leave the name of your vet and his phone number in a place where the carer can get to it quickly if it is needed.

Remember to leave enough food and a few treats,and keys if you lock your bird in the cage when he is not in your care..Label the keys and leave spares if you can.

I have birds in my care for the holidays and I know we are going to have lots of fun together.

Try to leave your bird with someone that he knows, but if you can’t, find someone that is qualified to care for birds. If you have people coming to you for the Easter break remember that not all are bird friendly, if you have to lock the cage of your bird it is better to be careful than have an accident needlessly. If you are going to continue to leave your birds cage open put signs on your front and back door so that they dont get a fright and head out into the big wide world.. Watch the open windows as well.

If you are having small children in your home, make sure that they don’t put a wriggly finger into the cage and get a nasty bite.

If you are all bird friendly, enjoy the time you can spend with your feathered friend.

If they are bringing birds with them your birds can truley share the holiday together. I have spent some lovely times with my sister in law, her birds my family and our birds. Sometimes the birds have out numbered the family !!

Remember bird lovers, NO CHOCOLATE, it is very bad for them and you don’t want to start something that is going to turn into something you later dont want.

Make sure that all the children in the house understand that the birds can’t have chocolate and keep your eyes on the little ones..

Needless to day, the same goes for alcohol, you may be enjoying a few drinks with friends, but your bird is precious and does not need to join in… Remember, be sensible, and make sure your guests are sensible too.

Many people have a lovely roast dinner on Easter Sunday, and this your feathered friend can certainly join in.  A little bit of the meat and the veggies and they will be very happy. Fruit certainly as a desert and what about a little treat, a little ice cream stuffed into an ice cream cone and they will enjoy that very much.

If you are watching movies together the birds would love to share some of your popcorn, remember be sensible, not too much.

If your home is crowded with guests, family and friends, remember your birds still need to get enough sleep so be careful to put them to bed at the same time as you usually do, better that than grouchy birds the next day.

I think that is all, you may think of other things, and if you do, well done! Have a lovely Easter break, I hope that you and your feathered friends have a really good time together.

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