More about toys!

More about toys!

After chatting with a friend, that has the same views as I have about toys, and visiting I was amazed at how many toys are out there that we see every day, but dont put them to use in our parrot world.

Things dont have to be used for what they are intended ! — here are just a few thoughts and ideas that I have come up with that are really simple, that might just keep your parrot amused.

Straws! really simple! a pack of different coloured straws, cut in half for an inside cage toy or kept long for a cage-top-toy. Any supermarket will sell straws.

Swivel sticks! also sold in supermarkets, and liquor stores, they come in different colours too and different designs.

Thick rope! to make flexible perches, in the cage. Make sure it is not treated, check out the hardware store, for things you can use !

A baby crok, shoe,  from the flea market, can be stuffed with different coloured paper and food treats.

Ice cream sticks!these you will have to collect over time.

Aerated golf balls,bought from a sports shop, see what else you might be able to use. there is sure to be something!

Whole toilet rolls cut in half.They come in lots of colours and designs.

Key rings!

Kids party bags that can be filled with paper and rope and straws and goodies to eat.

I am seriously going to be looking forward to things I can use for my parrots that are found in out of the way shops and flea markets.

Just a little imagination — just see things differently!

Have fun shopping and looking for goodies.

Till next time, stay warm and love your parrot


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