10 things your Parrot should know!

Hello Parrot People, this is a goodie!Read and enjoy but dont forget to do somethings that you might not be doing at the moment!

10 things your parrot should know….

1. Step – up… every parrot needs to know the step up command, I covered it in an earlier blog. The earlier you start the better. Get your bird to step up onto the back end of your hand or onto a finger. Once he has learned this command, you will be able to get him out of trouble in a flash, and get him away from things that may be dangerous.

2. Stick training…This is a continuation of the step up command, for when your bird is at the top of a window or on the pelmit.All parrots should be willing to get onto a stick held by you.

3. Bird carrier.. All birds should know the inside of the bird carrier, use a basket with a lid, a smaller cage, a box, whatever is easiest for you. All my birds know the bird carrier and I thank the parrot mum who introduced this to me.

4. Glass doors and windows… these are deadly, but you can teach your bird where they are, take your bird to the glass, tap on it with your finger, let him tap on it with his beak, do it several times, over several days, he will learn that it is dangerous to fly there.

5. All talking parrots should know their names and telephone numbers.. Hard Yes !! but not impossible, unless you are trying this with my Sam! Just go slowly, and be patient.

6. Every parrot should know that his cage is a safe place, if he is fearful of ANYTHING he can go back to the safety of his cage!

7. Teach your parrot to take juice he likes from a dropper! this helps when you are trying to give muti, if you have too. If he is happy taking from a dropper it is much easier for muti to be given this way.

8. This is a biggie… TRUST… Your parrot must trust you,  be persistent, patient, calm, even toned,  Always approach the cage or the bird in the same way.. Be calm, gentle,  and loving! you will win the trust of your bird if you do these things.

9. All parrots should eat well ..A varied diet, Cereals, nuts sprouts, fruit, veg and treats! this is their right, do it right from the beginning and experiment, cook different dishes, my blogs and news letters are peppered with recipes to help you. Get creative!

10.NO!! all parrots should know NO. A sharp NO will get the birds attention, then you can remove the bird from the danger. Use his name… NO  POLLY! NO wont help with plucking or screaming.

There we go! 10 things your parrot should know! Tick off the ones your parrot know and get to grips with the ones he doesnt know.

Good Luck…. Let me know how you get on, I would love to hear!
Have a happy weekend..
Till next time..

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