Toys toys everywhere !

Apologies, apologies, my mom has been in intensive care and is now at home being nursed, so things have been very hectic and I have not had time to do my usual blogs. This blog we are covering toys which I hope you find interesting!

By now you know that I think it is very important for parrots to have lots of toys. Not all at the same time neccessarily — you can ring the changes every couple of months. it keeps their minds active and curious and keeps them entertained. A parrot must be able to entertain themselves if you are busy! As Sam and Sprog discovered over the last week.A 24 7 parrot can be very hard work, especially if it is your mind keeping him entertained.

You will all know about my ” cage-top-toys ” a box of junk that your parrot can shred, and chew and dig through. I put in toilet rolls, egg boxes, old plastic pill bottles, small boxes, paper cups, serviettes, paper plates old toys that may have been hanging up in your birds cage. If you have come to me for a consult you will know that I always make one up for you to take away with you.

At the home of the happy parrot I chave cage-top-toys all over the place. Not always on the top of the cages. I encourage all the birds to find them and get amongst the junk! Sometimes it takes a few days, but it is birdie-heaven when they do find them. I have watched personalities change once the toys have been found.

Now here is a new idea for you, courtesy of one of my lodgers. A container inside the cage filled with small toys to play with. The first one I saw was an orange bottle cut in half with masking tape around the rough edges of the bottle, attached to the cage with striaghtened paper clips, filled with toys. I went through all my tupperware containers until I found one that was the right size, I attached it to the side of the cage with paper clips, and filled it with juice lids, key rings, bits of old toys, nothing too big and gave it to Sam. Sam loves it !! and it keeps him amused for ages.

It is a very simple idea that keeps Sam entertained when I am busy and not around. I fill the container in the morning, and at the end of the day I scoop up the played with toys and put them back in the container. He is good at playing with the toys and then dumping them.

Put your thinking cap on — find a container, make it safe and fill it with little things — that MUST be bird safe!

Watch your parrot have endless joy playing with the toys.
Keep fun alive for your parrot.
Till next time
Have a good weekend.

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