It isnt too late to make a new years resolution

Did you take the time to make new years resolutions and goals for yourself? did any of them involve your favourite feathered friend?

Make 1 resolution, call it a goal if you want to. I have put a few ideas together, to get your brain ticking to think of more.

1. This year I am going to make sure that my parrot gets the 5 foods to keep him healthy. Cereal,nuts, fruit, vegetables, and sprouts.
2. I am going to make sure he is stimulated with new toys regularly, cage top toys, and lots of time out of the cage.
3. I am going to improve our one on one time, and side by side activities to keep him alert, curious and stimulated.
4. I am going to bath my bird on a regular basis, to keep his feathers looking good.
5. I am going to learn as much as I can about my bird.
6. I am going to go round the house and make sure it is parrot safe.

Those are just a few ideas I have given you, you will come up with more, I am sure.

If you falter during the course of the year, just reset your goals, remember the resolutions you made and start again.

Keep reading the blogs and keep the news letters safe. I will do my very best to keep things interesting and fresh.

Remember I am here if you need me, make an appointment if you need to speak to me about something.

Looking forward to another year — hope you are to!

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