Have you hugged your bird today?

Now that the festivities are over and everyone is getting into their new routine, remember your bird needs routine as well, this is very important  for a bird.

Even if your bird has been out of his cage over the festive season it is not always  possible   in the busyness of it all, to give him a hug and a cuddle.

So take the time today to let him sit on your lap, wrap your arms around him tell him you love him and give him a gentle cuddle. Most birds love kisses and hugs and cuddles, I have one that likes his feet being kissed,it makes the bird feel special. Show him that things are now getting back to normal, the shower he didn’t have over Christmas, he can have now, let him enjoy the water. If the cage is a bit grubby, clean it up for him, he likes being in a clean house,if he got toys for Christmas, make sure you have put them all up.

He needs his time out with you now that the visitors have left, and things are calm. Like before Christmas, carry on with the side–by–side activities,get him a new cage top toy, with lots of safe rubbish for him to play with. Get him back to his normal, sleep times and feed times.

Put away the Christmas table cloth you made for his table, and with it put his stocking which he can use again next year. Put it where you will find it next year.

I do hope that this year is going to be a good one for you and your parrot.

Till next time….

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