Amongst my feathered friend

Morning in my jungle starts very early. A breeze rustles the night covers as the windows are opened. All is quiet not a peep from any of my feathered friends. By early morning all the covers are of and a sound of crunching seeds is heard before crusts of toast to the lodgers. All get, and most eat, just the odd one falls to the floor.

By breakfast time the cages are cleaned, and the parrots are watching expectantly for cereal, or toast and or fruit and veg. With full tummies the morning chorus begins, burglar alarms, car alarms, phone rings and the noises from the kitchen and the garden. All wait for the opening of cages, and then, freedom, a stretch of the wings and a fan of he tail. They continue with the morning chatter, welcoming visitors with lots of noise. I always know when some one arrives.

Things grow quiet by midday, but pick up at treat time, crisps or nuts or some other delight. Lunch is served and all eat eagerly, before a nap nearly all of them enjoy.Lunch could be fruit and rice, fruit and veg, egg and fruit, fish and veg. NO one knows what will arrive but each day brings happiness at lunch.

There is a happy hour — talking noiselessly, calling back and forth, my jungle comes to life with differing calls and noises.You have to just sit and listen no point trying to talk –there is no peace before spinach time ! Grown and cut from the garden, few takers unfortunately but all try and some enjoy.

Before the shutters are closed for another day there is the comforting sound of crunching seed and as things grow dark there is more than 1 bird grinding its beak.

Ah,a happy day, content to have been loved and spoil t  and ready for sleep before the start of another day.

As I sit in the dark, all the birds covered I wonder at the beauty of my jungle. The colourful birds, the learned chatter the acrobatics in the cages, They have all been loved and petted and tendered to and all are happy.

Even me, as I make my way to my quiet place, my place of peace. I too am content just like my feathered friends.

Tomorrow is another day…………

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