Getting To Grips With An Active Parrot

An active parrot is a challenge!

Pedro is an active parrot, I’m almost convinced he suffers A.D.D. Where Sam is just happy sitting — Pedro has to be on the move!

You have to put all your energy into an active parrot. I hope you all saw the jungle gym I made for him in a previous blog. He is all over it, all the time, he also has a toy box on top of his cage

Parrot Toys in Plastic Container

Pedro’s Toy Box On Top Of His Cage

and a toy box in his cage,

Wicker Basket with Parrot Toys

Pedro’s Toy Box Inside His Cage

I have included pictures of both of these.

When he sits with me, he is all over the show.

Don’t do what I did a few nights ago and go to sleep on the couch with your active parrot on your lap! Disaster could strike. Pedro even has a play chair in my bedroom so that when I snooze, he can play.

Side-by-side activities are so important to these birds, If I am arranging flowers he has to inspect proceedings, if I’m in the kitchen he likes to be on the table nosing around. If I am in the bath he likes to go up and down and round on the bathroom chair.

Toys are an absolute MUST and need to be rotated and replaced often. Pedro makes use of all his toys and is always eager to get stuck in when I buy him new ones. Which I have to do often!

Pedro can do the two second sprint to Sam’s cage, which really upsets Sam, but Pedro always assumes Sam’s toys are more fun.

Although Pedro is very active I don’t entertain him 24/7, he has had to learn to make his own fun which he does very well.

An active parrot does not have to be a misbehaved parrot — you must teach them early on, right from the beginning, what is allowed and what is not. This takes time and patience but is worth it in the end.

Pedro knows he cant play with my rings when I’m carrying him around, all I have to say is “fingers” and he stops, and then starts the “ouch ouch” till we get to the gym.

He has learnt “up” when I don’t want him playing on the floor, and “down” if he tries to get to my shoulder, this one he needs help with from time to time as he likes being up close and personal.

All parrots need training, but this is very important for an active parrot.

You can have a lot of fun with an active parrot, just remember to include them in EVERYTHING!!

Safety is always an issue if you have a parrot, but especially so if your parrot is active and on the move. So be smart — be safe.

Pedro sends his love and says: LOVE THAT FEATHERED FRIEND OF YOURS.

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