Sterile Parrot Cages!

You may well ask…… what is a sterile cage?

A Sterile cage can be summed up in 3 words BARE……BARREN…… BORING!!

Look around your house…is it barren and boring, I doubt it. Would you like to live in a boring home?? Well…. Neither does your parrot!

LETS LOOK AT PERCHES…. These can be fun! Cut different shape branches, different size branches, and fit them in your cage. Use rope or twine or bendy ones you get from the pet shop. Perches are good for chewing, and trimming nails and cleaning beaks. Change them regularly, to keep your parrot on his toes! Don’t forget to clean them regularly too.

LETS LOOK AT TOYS…. Toys are a must have for ALL parrot cages. Choose bright colourful ones, ones they can chew, and shred, and eat. Hang them in the cage, out the cage,and from the perches! Sam and Pedro have toy boxes on top of their cages and toy boxes in their cages. Mirrors are good as are bells.

African Grey parrot Cage

Sam’s Cage

I am including pictures of Sam’s and Pedro”s cage and a sterile

Bare parrot's Cage

Sterile Cage

cage for you to see.

Be creative, change toys regularly, a curious parrot is a happy parrot! ALL parrots can learn to play!

Sam has great fun throwing his balls on the floor and watching them bounce,

Pedro loves hanging upside down from his toys.

Remember brain games are exciting for parrots.
If you are out at work, your parrot needs things to do….. sitting on a broom stick with nothing to do is no fun!

Your parrots well being is your responsibility so get going… cut branches, buy toys start collecting things your parrot can play with.

Make food time fun!! lots of colours and smells and tastes. Bake for your bird too.

Let’s get excited about making our parrots homes a place where they enjoy living!




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