Feather problems!

Feather problems you might encounter..

Lots of things can go wrong with feathers.Mostly the problems are trauma related, but canaries can get cysts and and psitticine beak and feather we all know about. Always remember that a good healthy diet, a bath once a week and good living conditions should all promote glossy, healthy feathers. Remember in the first aid box we put together not so long ago I said a pair of needle nosed pliers should be put in, now is when you may need to use them. If you are at all wary of pulling out an offending feather get to your vet and let him do it.

!. Bleeding feathers.. all new feathers are soft and full of blood, so you may see feather bleeding, you can remove these feathers with your needle nose pliers, but doing so may hamper growth in this area of the next feather,

2. Blood feathers.. often break, and these should be removed, a new feather will grow in it’s place at the next moult.

3. Cysts on feathers.. this occurs mostly in canaries, but may be seen in other birds, the cysts will have to be surgically removed by your vet.

4. Discolouration of feathers.. Lots of things can discolour feathers, a copper deficiency, an amino acid deficiency, a vitamin b2 deficiency and beta carotene deficiency can all cause a discolouration. There could be a zinc toxicity, or liver damage, or psitticine beak and feather could all be responsible.

5. Oil contamination.. feathers could look oily if the bird is being fed too many greasy foods! {not good} greasy hands can contaminate feathers, lipstick and lip ice can cause the feathers to look greasy, A vitamin A deficiency can cause contamination, a problem with the preen gland could cause this problem and general malnutrition can cause oily contamination.

6. Feather plucking.. this one we all know about, and I have blogged about it before on a few occasions.

Feathers should always be glossy and in good condition, keep the diet good, bath once a week and be sensible about grease.

You parrot lovers, have a good weekend!
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