Plucking and the causes.

Lets look at a few reasons of feather plucking. I have a plucker at the moment so I am all out to fix it because it really looks horrible! I know that my bird is not bored– eats well — has a good cage — is loved by several people in the house — and does not have mites, so I have gone the supplement route which is why I told you about calcium, VitD3 and my last blog.Before going this route, please make sure that everything in your birds environment is right, his diet is right, and you are caring for him properly.

1. Boredom.. Parrots need stimulation all the time, they are intelligent birds that need a good relationship with a parrot parent who is going to fuss and love him. They need toys changed regularly to keep their brains alert, all different colours, shapes and sizes. They need music or tv to keep them company from time to time. They need to be apart of their human parrot flock!

2. Diet.. Parrots need a good diet, Fruit, veg, nuts, cereals, seeds and sprouts. Every day not just when you remember or I remind you! Now interestingly, did you know that if your parrot is not being fed enough he might pluck?  He needs breakfast, lunch and a little seed before he goes to bed.

3. Bathing.. This is often over looked by parrot parents, every parrot needs a good shower once a week. It is good for their feathers and also their mental state. Did you know that if your parrot is throwing a tantrum, sticking him in a shower will relax him and calm him down?

4. Fear .. A fearful parrot can pluck. Watch for things that might be frightening your parrot — did you know that some parrots are scared of the dark ? That is why when birds board with me , we leave a night light on for them. Birds that stay with me are in new surroundings, with new routines and different people, they can get scared that is why I take special care to put them where they will be happiest and dont change too many things in their lives.

5. Wing clipping.. Have your birds wings been clipped correctly? A bad clip can cause a bird to pluck. Know how they should be clipped and go to the best. I have seen loads of plucked birds with bad wing clips. Be careful where you go.

6. Boarding.. Boarding with a bird sitter while the parrot parents are away can cause trouble, that is why I have toys all over the boarding area and the cages are open all day. Check out your place of boarding!

7. Moving to a new house can cause plucking.
8. Changing parrot parents can cause plucking.
9. Moving the furniture around in your birds space can cause plucking.
10.An infestation of mites can cause plucking
11.A parrot kept in too small a cage can pluck.
12.A household of guests the bird does not know can cause plucking.

I have tried to give you as many reasons as I can think of plucking, some of them are really very easily fixed. Make a plan to fix the plucking, and be PATIENT it takes 4 months to refeather a bird.

Till next time… Have a good weekend

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