Step up training.

Because I deal with so many parrots, it is really a pleasure dealing with one that has had step up training, whether it is onto the finger, onto the back of the hand or onto a stick.

Our Sam, my husbands african Grey knows if he sees me with his step up stick, I am going to take him to his favourite person who might be in another part of the house.As soon as I say taxi he is ready, willing and able to board the stick and off we go.

Step up training  should be the 1st thing your parrot learns, many breeders do this for you but not all of them. I am going to make it very easy for you to understand how to do this, and it is really easy.

1. Let the parrot come out of the cage willingly — just open the door and let him come out. Remember treats are important, so when he comes out on his own give him a treat.

2. Rub your fore finger up and down on his chest with very little pressure so that he gets used to your finger being there.Talk to him gently and slowly increase the pressure.

3. Repeat this as often as you have to until eventually your bird will start lifting a leg, treat time! as soon as he lifts a leg.

4. He is now ready to take the step onto your finger.

5. Put a bit more pressure on his tummy so that he lifts his foot and puts it on your finger,then lift him up and let him place the other foot on your finger as well.

6. Remember your finger, or hand must be stable and firm, you cant do this training with unstable hands.

7. Your parrot must trust that you are safe to climb onto.

8. Say step-up as soon as the 1st foot gets raised to climb aboard, remember to say it every time.

9. Train him to go willingly from one fore finger to the other like he is climbing a ladder, make it a game, treat time! every time he does it.

Remember birds are right or left footed just like us, so if it is not working with one fore finger try the other fore finger.

Remember your finger or hand must be a safe to go, and a place where he wants to go willingly.

How easy was that? Not too bad at all! Now practise, and in any situation your bird will climb onto your finger,your finger is the safe place away from cats, dogs, and small children, anything dangerous!

Enjoy practising,
till next time..
Have a good weekend……..

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