Your bird needs lots of

different vitamins to keep him healthy. Here are a few and where you can find them..

Vitamin A…Protects the skin, helps keep eyes healthy and helps protect the birds immune system…Carrots, squash, peaches, mangoes, and apricots.

Vitamin C…Builds strong healthy bones and blood vessels, helps in healing wounds…Oranges. broccoli,spinach, berries and peppers.

Vitamin D3..Builds bone, keeps cells healthy, and improves energy levels…egg yolks, fish oil, and sun shine.

Vitamin E…Protects cells, aids fertility, keeps red blood cells strong… Nuts, seeds, asparagus, egg yolks.

Vitamin K…Is needed to clot the blood, helps cells keep healthy and strong… Broccoli, spinach, parsley, beans and peas.

Vitamin B…keeps the nervous system strong, needed for healthy skin, eyes, feathers, and brain… Nuts,  green leafy vegetables,  and yogurt.

Calcium…..Builds bone, good for healthy heart and nerves and muscles… cuttlebone, yogurt, broccoli and cheese.

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