This festive season….

Just a thought this festive season, if you are going away, please think about who is going to look after your bird or birds. They should be left with someone who is going to see your birds every day so that if there is a problem the bird can be taken to the vet as soon as possible.

Remember to leave all the food that your bird will need for the duration of your time away.. A cereal for the morning, fruit and veg for the afternoon forage time, and remember to leave some seed in case of emergencies. A small cage, or carry box, if the bird needs to go to the vet.The number and name of the vet that you take your bird to. Your contact numbers so the care giver can get in touch with you if necessary. Be prepared and leave anything that is going to be helpful to the person who is looking after your birds. Better to leave too much than too little and run into a problem.

The festive season can be very noisy and busy. If your bird is used to being left out of his cage think carefully if your house is full of family and friends. Better to leave the bird in its cage for a few days, than to leave him out and face the chance of losing him.

Remember that there are things that your bird should not eat and drink over the festive season, like chocolate and alcohol. Don’t let people who do not know what they are doing feed or pet your bird.

If you are thinking of buying a new bird for a family member remember that parrots live for a long time. Budgies can live from 6 to 12 years, cockatiels between, 12 years and 20 years, my conure can live for 25 to 30 years, African greys can live 50 years and bigger birds can live up to 75 years and longer. Remember that you will have to buy a cage, toys, food and you will need to spend quality time every day with the bird. You will have to clean the cage properly, regularly. It is a big responsibility and you should think carefully.

If you are wanting to give a bird to a child, make sure that the child really wants the bird and is ready to care for it carefully.

Remember that if you are burning smelly candles that you have been given for Christmas that the scent from 1 small candle can kill a budgie, better to burn smelly candles away from the birds. Be careful with plastic wrapping if your bird gets hold of it, he could swallow it and it could get stuck and stop his breathing.

Be careful when you pull the crackers that your bird is not too close and gets a fright…

I hope that you and your birds have a really safe, fun, and special festive time this year…

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