New years resolutions…

  1. I am going to spend more quality time with my bird this year.
  2. I am going to feed less seed and more fruit and veg this year.
  3. I am going to use less bad language round my bird this year.
  4. I am going to pottty train my bird this year.
  5. I am going to teach my bird new lots of new words this year.
  6. I am goin to change the toys in my birds cage more often this year.
  7. I am going to feed less junk food to my bird this year.
  8. I am going to find out more about my bird this year.
  9. I am going to switch from dowling rods to natural perches this year.
  10. I am ging to focus on good behaviour rather than bad behaviour this year.
  11. I am going to make sure my bird gets a good bath once a week this year.
  12. I am going to try and free fly my birds in my home this year.
  13. I am going to try and make my own bird toys this year.
  14. I am going to make or buy my own play gym for my bird this year.
  15. I am going to make sure my bird gets the right amunt f sleep this year.

I have thought of 15 new years resolutions for you and your parrot this coming year. Choose a few you would like to acheive this year and make them happen. If you can think of your own that is excellent!

Remember always to strive to better your parrots living conditions and quality of food. This will make a happier bird.

Let me know how it goes.

Here’s to a happy and prosperus 2011.
Have fun with your bird this year.

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