My singing feathered friends….

I sat down at my desk today and decided that it was time to put my sprig of Holly in my pen holder and get out the christmas cd’s. I am particularly happy this Christmas because Fiona our daughter is coming home from England for good — to set up a business here. She is a beauty therapist that specializes in massage.

I have 2 birds that sing! along to all my cd’s. I play them while I am writing articles and blogs among other things that get done in my office. I am quite used to them vocalizing along with my music, I wanted  my husband to hear my little choir because I think that he thought I had quite lost my plot when I told him they sang along. So when he was working from home a few weeks ago I put on one of their favourite cd’s and they did not disappoint me, off they went and my husband had heard it! They were vocalizing and whistling  running through their vocabulary and just generally being happy alng with me.

I was keen to see if my Christmas cd’s had the same effect and sure enough of they went along with the music.I was playing it quite loud because I was feeling so festive, and the birds picked up on my excitement.

So I am writing this with my sprig of Holly in my cup, the cd’s playing and my 2 bird choir joining in on the veranda. It is glorious !!

Never underestimate your birds intelligence.. They hear music and join in if we encurage them, they feel your feelings, they are quite amazing pets to have !

Treat them well, feed them right, love them and they will give so much more back in return.

Encourage them to vocalize, when you are listening to music and sing with them for fun !

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