Music Therapy for your Bird

I am a big fan of music therapy — all good music is healing!

Mood music will calm any hyper active bird down if repeated several times a day over several days.Classical music will help stop any repetitive bad behaviour, if played often enough, and modern tunes and songs will help lift a depressed bird from depression.

I have watched music help in some of the birds I have looked after, it is amazing, and it does work. Modern tunes and songs birds will sing along with, dance happily to and bob up and down..

Try different types of mood music, to see which your bird responds to, do the same with the classical music, modern tunes and songs…

No two birds are the same so experiment with your music..

Keep at it —- dont play it once and hope for a miracle, you need to be patient and persistent ..

Once you have found which music does what for your bird, you and he can have great fun together..

Music can be used in all circumstances..
Have fun with music..
Watch it change your birds behaviour..

Have a good day

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