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Parrots do not do very well if they are left alone on their own all day, they get lonely bored and depressed. I know that in some cases it just has to happen but it is not ideal.

Parrots left on their own all day could well misbehave when the owner comes home from work. They could scream for the attention that they need from their favourite person, they could scream to have their cages open. They could start feather breaking, feather plucking leaving them bleeding and raw. They could also get very destructive chewing furniture, frames, chairs and photo frames.

If you need to leave your parrot on his own there are ways that you can include them in your morning before you go of to work.
1.  Eat breakfast with your parrot, if you are eating toast, or eggs, or cereal share it with your bird.
2.  Bath or shower with your bird in the morning.
3.  When you are doing make up and hair and getting dressed let him sit on a chair or perch so he can watch you.

These are called side-by-side activities and I am sure you can think of other things you can do with your parrot, if you have a good think.

1.  If it is at all possible take your bird to the office with you, not every day just now and again, so he can see where you go every day.
2.  If you have a timer on your tv then set it to come on several times a day. Sight is the keenest of the parrots senses so this is a good one.
3.  Leave a radio on close to him so that there is a little noise for him to listen to.
4.  Put a safe fish tank close to the cage so that he can watch the fish.
5.  Heres a novel one if you have an answering machine on your phone, ring the home number and chat to him.
6.  As you come home, start talking to him from the doorway you have entered.
7.  Open his cage and give him the 1 on 1 attention that he needs.

Do some more side-by-side activities with him in the evening.
1.  Take him in the kitchen when you are cooking.
2.  Take him to the bathroom when you bath and tell him all about your day.
3.  Keep him close to you when you are watching tv, they love that.
4.  Let him eat with you, from his own plate, not your plate and not your mouth.
5.  If you have work to do on the computer take him with you, put him on a chair or perch, let him see what you are doing.

These are just some of the things you can do with your parrot, I am sure you can think of some more…

Have fun with your bird when you come home from work…

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