Colds and flue this winter season

Colds and flue this winter!

It is nearly winter and parrot owners often worry about respiratory infections, cold and flue.
Hopefully your parrot is on a really good diet of fruit, veg, nuts, cereal, and sprouts. If he is he should sail through the winter season.If your parrot is not on a healthy well balanced diet, best to fix the diet before illness strikes.

Things to keep an eye open for this winter.
1. Panting, if your parrot is panting with his wings held low, he may be suffering from a respiratory infection.
2. Laboured breathing,if your parrot is really struggling for breath there could be a respiratory infection.
3. A discharge from the nose or bubbling from the nose, could be an indication of a respiratory infection.
4. Fluid running from his eyes could indicate illness.

Remember also to watch for
1. Change in attitude
2. Change in eating habits
3. Sleeping on 2 feet with his feathers puffed up.
4. Excessive sleeping.
5. Droppings that have changed consistency.

6 things to remember
1. A sick bird does not to show that he is sick, in the wild he would then be vunerable to birds of prey.
2. Remember that a sick bird can deteriorate very quickly.
3. Remember if you suspect illness, keep the bird warm, well hydrated and get him to a vet quickly.
4. Remember to get good instructions about medication given, and understand how to give it.
5. Remember to finish all medication given by the vet.
6. Remember if you are still worried about your bird when the treatment is complete take the bird back to the vet.

I hope that this check list, and things to remember is not needed this winter. Be a good parrot guardian and keep your eyes open and know your parrots behaviours and eating habits.

Till next time, have a great week……….

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