brain dead or strategic time out ?

Brain dead or strategic time out ?

I am sure that I have a few followers that are watching the IPL at the moment, I like to catch the odd game with my husband! But how many of us as parrot owners need a strategic time out? Yesterday my best friend and I  decided that we were horribly close to being brain dead! There had just been too much going on and we seriously needed a time out.

What do we do if we need a time out and we have parrots on the veranda? Parrots are generally 24 7 birds and they need us to be there for them, and we think if we are not we will feel guilty and rotten! No need!!What things does a parrot need to be left alone for 12 hours?

1. Food, make sure all the food is prepared in the morning before you collapse!

2. Water, make sure your feathered friend has clean fresh water, and if you are worried put in another container with water in!

3. Toys in the cage, but this should be happening anyway, remember your parrot needs toys to play with!

4. TV or music, radio maybe, just so that your parrot has some background noise to keep him amused!

There you go — that wasn’t so hard was it? Remember too that if you are stressed, anxious, overtired or just wiped out your bird is going to pick up on it and might be extra noisy, nippy or scream! So it is best for both of you to have time out.

I am not giving you free reign to do this everyday… be sensible! your parrot needs you more than you know, and this time is just a time out for you to recover from your hectic life and breathe in a bit of peace!

You all enjoy the end of the IPL, The Ragistan Royals are going to win!!! I hope!!

Till next time, keep a cool head and we will chat again soon………

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