things that hurt or help

COME RUNNING: Dont run every time your parrot screams, you are reinforcing the screaming. Dont be at your parrots beck and call. Praise a quiet parrot not a noisy one.

SNEAKING UP: Dont sneak up on a bird, especially a nervous one or a new one. Always hum, or whistle, or sing m or talk as you come into the room.

TONE OF VOICE: Yelling does not work!! A firm NO is much better. In normal circumstances talk quietly and calmly.

STARING: Dont stare at a bird. Even the tamest bird will be unsettled.

GLARING: The glare will tell parrots that what they are doing is wrong. Glare, only for a moment and the bird will learn.

PUNISHMENT: Punishment does not work on parrots.. praise good behaviour and ignore bad behaviour.

IGNORING: Ignore the bad behaviour, respond to good behaviour. Dont ignore for great lengths of time, that wont work.

This was just a quickie — have you found anything else that does not work ? or that does work ?

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