the case of the blue check sleeping shorts.

In my wisdom — not thinking of Sam at all — I bought Sams favourite person a blue checked shorts for him to wear after his bath. As you know in the evening our birds and lodgers come to watch tv with us and share our dinner vegetables.
When they were worn for the 1st time, Sam just would not come down from his chair onto his favourite persons knee. We found that very strange,-but goodness -it took even me, a parrot behaviour consultant, an age before the penny dropped! Changing quickly into something that Sam recognized, Sam was soon back in his favourite place, the knee of his favourite person.
African Greys are one of the most cautious birds in the parrot world,  this should always be remembered when new toys are being introduced, when moving furniture, when painting the house and when wearing new clothes.
With patience and care Greys can be introduced to new things but in a lot of cases it is a slow process.

When introducing new toys, new clothes even a new bird cage,put them at a distance to be looked at, for a while, slowly move the new thing closer and closer untill the new thing is right ontop of his cage, { a new cage wont fit onto the top of the old cage, be sensible }Once thy have investigated it, sniffed it, eye-balled it and tasted it,then it is time to hang the new toy, or wear the new clothes. Remember that certain colours will friek out a Grey and I have a story for you later in this blog. And this is what I am going to do with the blue checked shorts!They will live in the lounge for a while getting closer and closer until Sam is quite comfortable with them, then his favourite person will try wearing them again.

Parrots are all different,but in a similar situation I have a Senegal parrot that boards with me regularly, and he cant tolerate me wearing anything purple. He screeches and screeches until I change.

e accomadating, and understanding with your parrot,he may seem a little over cautious at times but with patience, love, and care he can be itroduced to new things.

An important thing to remember about Greys is that they feather pluck for the littlest reason and a new toy or a new pair of shorts not introduced properly are no good reason for a bald patch that might lead to a feather plucking habit.

I hope that you have found this story interesting, until next time
from me and my feathered flock, and lodgers,
have a very good week

p.s. My son is coming home from the UK for 2 weeks so I hope that watching him with my birds will give me lots to talk to you about.

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