Sprog, aka Sproggy, aka Sproglick, aka Sproglet

Sproggy the conure

Sproggy – Hero of the Day

Good day flock people.

I want to tell you a story about Sprog.

He is a Jenday Conure, beautiful bird.. . He lives in the hall way, of our house; he can see the front door of our veranda and is my alarm system.

One Sunday, we had the family over for roast beef, yum, and we had all been on the veranda, there were cell phones, hand bags and wallets all over the show. Thinking nothing of it, we all got up to eat lunch, leaving everything on the veranda, thinking our home is safe right? Wrong!

We sat down to a delicious lunch, shared with the birds, and Sprog went off like a crazy bird. I knew that something was up but we ignored it for a bit. Eventually, I asked my strapping son in law to go and have a look….. well to his surprise there at the French doors stood 2 thieves!! Being ex army, he started charging and ran the 2 off the property.

Sprog had alerted us to danger and we managed to save everything.

I’m not sure if Conures all do this, I will have to ask around, but he certainly was my hero! And in the hall way he stays, because I know when he shouts something is up.

If your bird, any bird starts making a noise, check it out. Something is up.

I hope that you have enjoyed this story, I hope that you don’t need an alarm system, but remember your bird might just be one!!


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