Saving baby birds

Sometimes after a heavy rainstorm, nests fall from the trees and unfortunately sometimes baby birds are in it. If you come across baby birds that have been abondoned, it is possible for you to save them. Here are a few pointers for you to follow.

1. Get them inside where it is warm.
2. Put them in a small basket or box, with something warm and soft lining the bottom.
3. Remember in the nest they would be snuggling together for warmth so keep them close to each other.
4. Put the box or basket somewhere warm,where they wont be disturbed except by you feeding them.
5. You will need to feed them by syringe if they are really small, and by spoon if they are a bit bigger.
6. Baby cereal is the best thing to fed them,make it quite runny,and mix it with water not milk.
7. They will need to be fed often so make sure you have the time and the patience.
8. The crop { where they store food } is found at the bottom of their neck, just above the keel bone and watching this is going to guide you with how much to    feed them.
9. You want that crop to be full after each feed,  you can tell if it is full by its size,it should look a little swollen and soft, not too tight and    stretched looking.
10.hand feed them for as long as you can but start offering soft bread and then seed when they are bigger, stronger and the eyes are open and they are    getting feathers.
11.Now is the time to see if they will take to the sky –Try — but because they have been spoon fed they may decide to stay with you. Have a cage ready just    in case, and be ready to adopt little birds if you have to.

I hope that this helps a little, good luck if you find any baby birds, and be on the look out after a really heavy shower of rain.
You and your feathered friends have a good weekend, cook something for them this weekend be adventurous !!
Warm regards as always.

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