Parrots and loose droppings…

Always watch your parrot carefully if he is having loose droppings.  Most birds will have loose droppings at some point in their lives. If it is continuously loose for more than a few days, the bird should be seen by a vet and tests done to determine the cause.

There are 4 causes that must be kept in mind if yours is having loose droppings…


Birds being moved maybe from one home to another or being moved from the pet shop to a new home may suffer loose droppings. Moving of any kind could cause loose droppings.


Any kind of stress can cause loose droppings, ask your self, has anything changed in the home? Is the primary care
giver away for awhile? Has a new pet been brought into the home? Is the house being painted and the bird being moved from pillar to post? A slight change in routine could cause loose droppings so watch for this.

Change of diet…

Any change in diet could cause loose droppings, if you are moving your parrot from a seed based diet to a healthy nutritious diet there could be loose droppings. If for some reason you are giving more leafy green vegetables including lettuce there could be loose droppings.


When it is stinking hot and every fan is on remember to keep your bird cool as well, heat can cause loose droppings.

There are 4 more serious reasons why they may be having loose droppings. These are:

1. Kidney disease
2. Liver disease
3. Diabetes
4. Intestinal parasites

This is why you must keep a close eye on loose droppings, if it continues for more than a few days and your bird appears down-in-the-dumps, get him to a vet for some testing. Better to be safe than sorry.

Lots of tender loving care will heal the first 4 causes so remember to pile on the love and attention, and be sensible, use your common sense.

I hope that none of you need this blog post because you are going through a loose dropping stage, but keep it handy just in case.

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