Lets make a Christmas stocking together

Making Christmas stockings is very easy! it is fun and your parrot will love digging in to find his treats and new toys. I have just made for all the parrots that are staying at the home of the happy parrot this Christmas. I have not been to the pet store yet to see what I can put in them, but we will all have fun on Christmas morning.

On a piece of news paper draw out a stocking — it’s easy, just try. Cut it out. Use this as your template and place it on the material, hopefully with a Christmas print, and cut around it. Cut as many as you need. Turn them right side to right right side and sew them together with your sewing machine. Turn it in the right way and put a little hem around the top of the stocking. Sew on a piece of ribbon to tie it to the cage on Christmas Eve.

Fill it full of goodies that you know your feathered friend likes.If you have no sewing machine, or material, dont fret, you can make it out of paper. Cut the stocking out and stitch it together with a needle and thread. Fill it full of goodies and there you are, a paper stocking.

Please parrot lovers, do not use pins — staples — safety pins — it must be parrot friendly!

Every one is gearing up for a festive Christmas, it is just round the corner, dont neglect your bird because you are out having fun. Include them if you can, and remember they still need their one-on-one time with you.

Right it is spinach time at the home of the happy parrot so have a good day and take care till next time.

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