Introducing New Toys

Often birds do not like the introduction of new toys, which is a problem because to keep the bird curious active and adventurous toys need to be changed on a regular basis.

If your bird has this problem, try this simple trick and see if it works,– everything is worth a try!

Roll a piece of kitchen towel diagonally like a bandana and tie it around a few of your birds old toys– ones he happy playing with. Most birds will go straight to the piece of kitchen roll and shred it to get it of. if the kitchen roll is taking too long for your bird to chew of, roll a tissue.

Once he has chewed it of and has had a good time doing it and sees that it does not interfere with playing with his treasured toy then tie the bandanas round a new toy you want to introduce him too.

Try and tie these bandanas to all his new toys, and let him see that to get to the toy the bow or bandana has to be removed. Once he has done this a few times it will seem like all toys are good old friends and he will realize that all toys are good fun… and new ones won’t seem too scary..

Have a bash with this approach and good luck!

I hope that your feathered friend has lots of fun with toys!

Keep him amused and there will be less bad behaviour like screaming and feather plucking..

Remember to make sure all new toys are safe for him to play with.

There are so many toys on the market that you really can have a lot of fun seeking them out and giving them to your feathered friend.

Remember all toys need to be cleaned at least once a week when the cage is cleaned — check for bits of frayed rope or anything that might entangle your bird, and cut it off. MAKE IT SAFE!

Keep all the toys together in 1 place when they are not being played with so you know exactly where they are..

Make sure you read the blog on cage top toys and keep your bird alert, and excited, about play time..

You and your feathered friend have a good day!

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