Caring for your parrot is as easy as A B C……

A: All parrots need a healthy selection of fruit and veg offered everyday.

B: Bathing parrots is important, it keeps their feathers in condition. Some like to be sprayed, while some like to go into the shower with their favourite person.

C: Cleaning the cage every week is very important.

D: Drafts are bad for parrots, keep your parrot away from open windows and open doors.

E: Eating habits vary from bird to bird, just remember fruit, veg, cereal, nuts and sprouts.

F: Fun times should be shared with your parrot, take him on outings and dance with him to music.

G: Grooming is done mostly by your bird, just watch nails, flight feathers and beaks.

H: Handle your bird everyday. The more you handle him the happier he will be.

I: Indoors or out doors– this is the question…Most hand reared parrots will be kept indoors but they will enjoy the sunshine.

J: Junk… most of what you consider junk can be played with by your bird,Boxes, cotton reels, toilet rolls, curlers and balls.

K: Kids love birds, but they should never be left alone with your parrot in case there is an accident.

L: Love and attention should be showered on your parrot.

M: Molting… all birds molt generally twice a year.

N: Noise.. make you sure you are going to be able to handle the noise before you purchase a parrot.

O: Open your parrots cage as often as you can, so that he can go in and out when he wants.

P: Perches are best home made, from fruit trees in your garden or a friends garden.

Q: Question your family about who will care for your parrot should you become ill or need to go away.

R: Rest time is important to your parrot, he will take a nap in the afternoon.

S: Sleep time should generally be 12 hours, And cover the cage so that he is not interrupted.

T: Talking… Most parrots can talk, even the budgie can talk if you are consistent and patient.

U: Unhealthy parrots perch on 2 legs usually at the bottom of the cage, they will puff themselves up and they will probably not eat.

V: Ventilation.. Parrots need good clean air to breathe.

W: Water should be changed every day.

X,Y,Z: You and your parrot can become very good friends with lots of loving coming from the parrots favourite person..Care for him well and he will love you lots…………….

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