Cage Top Toys For Your Bird

All of our parrots in captivity need to be encouraged to play on their own, or they become human dependent and that is not good for for the parrot, or the owner. So I have put together some things that you can throw in a shallow box and put at the top of their cages to play with.

You will probably think of lots more once I get your wheels turning.

I have just finished caring for a feather plucking bird and the box on the top of his cage stopped him plucking long enough to heal and have new feather growth. It took a few weeks but we succeeded in the end.

Egg boxes that one is easy, they can shred it,
Wooden spoons, teaspoons and old kitchen utensils that are safe,
Pompoms made from paper, newspaper, not wool as the frayed strands could catch their toes,
Empty toilet rolls,
Here is a goodie…. A full toilet roll, that will keep them busy for ages,
Old jeans cut into strips, these can be tied to the cage too if you want,
Paper cups and paper plates,
Plastic straws,
Empty biro pens,
Safe toys made for children,
All the old broken bird toys, throw in the blocks and rings,
Bells, make sure they are safe,
Bird mirrors,
Cleaned out pill bottles… not glass,
chains, keys, locks,

The mind boggles, just sit and think about your junk for a while, your bird could be having all the fun of the fair!

Remember, remember, it must be safe!!
You have a great day!

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