How old are you? How old is your parrot?

Chances are he is going to outlive you!

There’s a thought!

During his time time with you — if treated right — he is going to give you years and years of love, fun, loyalty, and entertainment.

What happens though when you are going through stuff and you feel like you cant cope with a bird as well?

I’m here to tell you, that, parrots are the most, understanding, patient, forgiving animals I know. Our parrots, Sam and Pedro and Sprog,  have been through deaths with us, births with us and illness with us and always come out on the other side okay.

Let’s say you hit a snag, your life is full, and you are going through stuff. Here are some quick fixes…

  1. Tweek a routine.
  2. Change a diet slightly.
  3. Explain things to your parrot.
  4. Talk to him about what you are going through.
  5. Introduce more toys perhaps.
  6. Move the cage maybe.

I will be honest with you, when I have a veranda full of feathered guests, Pedro has less of my time, but I explain it to him, change his routine slightly and give him every spare second I have.

Parrot Behaviour Consultants have loads of ideas you can try when you are going through stuff!

Cage toys and cage-top-toys are so important when you are going through stuff.

Your parrot should be able to entertain himself– this is an important thing for him to learn.

One rough patch does not mean you have to rehome your parrot, that should always be your very last option.
Do we rehome our kids when we are going through things? No everyone adjusts slightly and when the stuff is finished everything returns to normal.

Come on parrot-people let’s see if we can go through stuff and hang onto our precious feathered friend. They understand a lot more than we give them credit for!


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