baby grey’s new home…

Once upon a time there was a baby African grey that was about to venture to his new family flock and find his favourite person. As he waited for them to arrive he wondered if they had done any research into what he needed to keep him healthy and happy.

Would his physical needs as well as his emotional needs be met?

He needed a big enough cage so that he could flap his wings inside the cage.There needed to be a few colourful toys hanging up for him to play with and natural perches for him to walk on and sleep on.

He knew he needed a really healthy diet of vegetables, fruits, nuts, cereal, sprouts and seeds. He knew that he needed to be bathed regularly and really drenched to help with his preening.

He knew that he needed to spend some time in the sunshine or his new flock would have to install full spectrum lighting. He new that he needed 12 hours of sleep a night and he hoped that they would cover him up.

He knew that he shouldn’t be kept in his cage all the time but have lots of hours out of his cage with his flock. A play stand would be fun and lots of loves with his favourite person. He wondered what tricks and games they would teach him, he wondered if they would potty train him so he didn’t make a mess in their house.

What would his favourite person be like ? Would he feel secure,loved and happy with his new flock?

He was so busy thinking all of this that he didn’t notice their arrival! But here they were and he was ready to go with them and become a special bird to them.They gave him a name and popped him into a carrier box and off they went.

He was on his way to a new adventure and he wanted it to be a very happy one.

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