6 weeks till Christmas

6 weeks till Christmas parrot friends — probably not what you wanted to hear. This year has raced past. The home of the Happy Parrot has grown, from just a newsletter, to consulting, home visits and boarding. It has been a good year, and I look forward to another good year next year, with new parrots and parrot people. I hope that you have found the newsletters helpfull and that you have enjoyed the blog posts.

I hope to be leaving 2012 calenders at various outlets, with my particulars on them so that you have my details always to hand and you have a small calender as well.Needless to say, It is Sam in the picture, he loves having his picture taken.

If you are wanting to board with me over the Christms break, please book now so that you dont have to worry, and I know how many birds will be with me for Christmas.

I will be getting my Christmas music out soon, and hope I have just as much fun with you and your parrots as I did last year. I will put my thinking cap on for new ideas, but you will find trusty favourites will pop up.

I welcome Farzana and her birds Rainbow, and Feathers to the growing family of parrot people in Harare.

Try not to stress on the run-up to Christmas, shop early and remember your feathered friends would love to be part of the celebrations with you.

Till next time…..

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