A departure from the Greys………….

Since Sam decided that my husband would be his favourite person –I decided it was time for me to find my own baby, that I could love and hug and play with. So I was on the lookout for something different from the Greys that I love so much. On one trip to the pet shop I spotted the most gorgeous yellow headed conure — it was a jenday conure and it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, it had a yellow head, green wings, spoys of orange under his wings and the rest of him was a lovely blue. He was tiny and just captured my heart. I didn’t buy him straight a way, I came home and poured over my books and magazines, did som web research as well, I wanted to know all I could about this lovely little bird.I found out that they “screech” well that wouldn’t be too much of a problem as Sam the grey whistles at full blast. Feeding him would be no problem as he would get the same as Sam, fruit, veg, nuts, sprouts and cereals. I had the room on the veranda for another large cage so there wasn’t a problem there either… It was looking awfully easy to make this little treasure part of the family. My husband was keen on seeing me with my own little bundle of happiness so I figured that I had covered all the bases. So without further thought it was time to revisit the pet shop. He has been named squak as screech we thought was not really what either of us wanted. As I write this he is sitting with me on my shoulder preening my hair.He really is the most adorable little thing I have had the chance to be friends with. Sam watched with interest as Squak was installed on the veranda, but takes little interest now that he knows that he does not belong to his favourite person. In the evenings my husband sits with his Sam and I sit with my Squak and it is working out really well. Squak will get bigger than he is now and he too will learn to enjoy the play gyms round the house, 1 in the lounge, 1 in the kitchen, 1 in the bathroom and of course on his cage on the veranda. At the moment though he just wants to be close to me.

There are lots of different conures, both big and small. They are all energetic bundles of fun, that learn tricks very quickly, they do say a few words but in a very high pitched voice so it is easy to miss the words if you are not listening properly. If you decide that 1 of these little treasures should join your flock, do as much research as you can and learn all about them before you bring 1 home.

I will always consider the Greys the best of the bunch, they will always have a special place in my heart and 1 day I might be tempted to buy another 1 for me, but for now I am very happy with my little conure.

Caring for your parrot……….

Taking home a new baby parrot is much the same as taking home a newly born baby. You will have answered all the questions that you think are important. And probably discussed most of them with your family and friends. I hope that you have answered all the questions that follow and if you haven’t you better start thinking about them fast.
1. Do I have the space in my house where a bird will live happily inside and outside the cage?
2. Is the place where the cage is going safe from any other animals you may have?
3. Have you discussed how long these parrots live for and made plans about who will look after it should something happen to you?
4. Do I have enough time in my day { at least 1 hour } to play one on one with my new parrot, out of his cage?
5. Is the noise level going to be tolerated by your family and possibly your neighbours?
6. Who is going to be the primary care giver to this new parrot?
7. Is feeding him going to be a chore or a pleasure, remember, fruit,veg,nuts,cereals,and sprouts?
8. Is cleaning his cage properly, weekly, going to be done without a fuss or will it become something that you dread?

Check the list below and make sure that you have everything you need for your new baby…….
1. As large a cage as possible.
2. A cage cover for when he goes to sleep.
3. Books and magazines that will help you with your new baby.
4. Play gyms around the house so that your baby can be where you are all the time.
5. Variety of colourful toys that are fun to play with and chewable. Toys should be changed regularly.
6. Natrally cut perches from fruit trees in your garden or a friends garden.
7. Extra water and food dishes in case you need them.
8. Sand or paper that you can line the bottom of the cage with.
9. All the things that you will need to clean his cage properly once a week.
10.A safe place outside where he can sit in his cage and enjoy the sunshine.

I am sure you have probably thought of some more things yourself, well done !