Sterile Parrot Cages!

You may well ask…… what is a sterile cage? A Sterile cage can be summed up in 3 words BARE……BARREN…… BORING!!


Let me introduce you to Pedro — he is my quite young African Grey. We fell in love at the pet shop –he came to me every time I went to look at the birds! So when I just knew I had to bring him home I went clutching my pet-carry-basket and my money to…


How old are you? How old is your parrot? Chances are he is going to outlive you! There’s a thought!

Feather Plucking – Does Your Parrot Pluck His Feathers?

Plucking is a heart breaking behaviour to watch in parrots. Did you know it only occurs in captivity? So it must be us ?? Are we caring for them correctly? Lets be honest with ourselves. When we have found the cause, nutritional, boredom, emotional, we need to set to work to fix the cause and…

Spotting a good Parrot Behaviour Consultant!

1. You will always be able to reach her by phone or e mail. 2. She will fit you in quickly to see the bird. 3. She will always be welcoming and put you at ease. 4. She will be a good listener, and give you plenty of time to talk. 5. She will find…

Parrot Food Recipes

Here are some recipes to try, I hope that your feathered friend enjoys them. SCRAMBLED EGG DELIGHT. 2 eggs with shells on 2 tablespoons of grated cheese Quarter cup of grated carrot Quarter cup of finely chopped broccoli. Mix all ingredients together, and scramble until firm. Serve warm.